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“The environment in the shadow of Corona crisis” by: Bader AlHadhrami

Setting a strategy that you implement to achieve things that matter, or goals is management. When we speak about environment management, we attempt to maximize the humans’ benefits & minimize the degradation of the human activities on the environment, simply keeping things in a proper relationship with each other.We grow to understand how environmental management is vital for human beings & living things. In fact, the way we live depends on the environmental conditions and how we as humans manage them.Let me put things in a simpler context, have you ever had health insurance?Neglecting the negative impacts that our human activities contribute toward the environment would increase the health risk of harmful substances raised to harmful levels to humans.So, when it comes to our personal health, it was wise to pay for our health insurance, environmental management is also a form of wise health insurance.In Kuwait and many other countries, we count on individuals environmental awareness, yet political support plays a vital role in the management process, as the political conflict over the main global environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, environmental degradation, and resource depletion continues around the globe, the implementation of reforms aiming to enhance and reduce negative emissions has become crucial.Corona pandemic outbreak took everyone by surprise, the world finally is standing together against a common enemy for the benefit of humans and the environment. Pollution & negative gas emissions were decreased noticeably worldwide during the pandemic period, raising a lot of questions to the mind of whether this is just a momentarily change, or maybe we can expect a much sustainable emissions reduction?Within a blink of an eye, the world that we know completely changed. The little stuff that we believed were not important and simple became precious as we immerse into the “New Normal”. Thousands of lives were lost, and many more are diseased due to a virus that was unknown until the reports received from China at the end of 2019. Whether you have been exposed to the virus or not, it had changed your life entirely.Despite our hope to reduce the number of deaths and to eliminate the virus. But this change has also led to some unexpected results. With either the complete or partial closure of major industries, companies, land & air transports, and many other organizations there was an unusual drop in carbon emissions. If we look at the stats of pollution levels from last year, we are looking at a huge decrease by almost 60% due to measures being utilized to combat the virus. Certainly, this crisis that’s reaping peoples’ lives should not be considered as a positive environmental change. Why? Because all these changes are not certain, the pandemic will not last forever.The most important question remains, do we really need disasters to move in an environmentally positive way?

Bader AlHadhrami HSE Specialist


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